Honolulu Pedicabs

Honolulu Pedicabs
Pedicab Advertising, New Product Promotions, Outdoor Events, & Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns in Waikiki

In 2014, US advertisers spent $7.3 billion on innovative outdoor advertising and marketing. This investment has forced dramatic changes as the industry develops new outdoor media formats in response to the needs of advertisers.

Today, outdoor means billboards; but it also means street furniture, transit advertising as well as other alternative formats such as pedicabs.

Simply by virtue of their unique nature, pedicabs attract attention. With thousands of people from all over the United States and the world in the Honolulu-Waikiki area daily, it is little wonder pedicab advertising is becoming increasingly popular among businesses. In 2013, according to the State of Hawaii Department of Business, Economic Developent and Tourism:

Visitors to Hawaii spent 14.52 billion
The total number of visitors to Hawaii was 8,174,460
Visitors spent 9.17 days per stay
The average daily amount spent was $192

With those figures, it is not surprising multi-nationals such as United Airlines, Budweiser and General Motors have used pedicabs or mobile billboards to market new products, promotions and advertising campaigns.

Honolulu pedicabs regularly travel to many areas of the city - Chinatown, Downtown Honolulu, Aloha Tower Marketplace, Ala Moana Center and the Waikiki resort areas.

The bikes are seen, however the greatest benefit comes from the riders. Approximately 90% of pedicab rides come from the rider asking a person where they are going or if they need a ride.

Put simply, every person who walks within speaking distance of a rider will be asked if they want a pedicab ride. That's a lot of people!

The riders also speak to the passengers during the rides. Let one topic of conversation be your logo on the back of their t-shirt and bike.

Benefits of Outdoor Media

According to a recent study by Arbitron, Inc., an international media and marketing research firm serving outdoor media, radio broadcasters, cable companies, advertisers and advertising agencies in the United States and Europe, outdoor is effective because it reaches consumers missed by and enhances exposure of other media.

Outdoor media can reach consumers not exposed or only lightly exposed to newspaper and local television, for example, and are complimentary to radio campaigns.

"Wrapped vehicles not only place messages in front of target consumers, they also provide the opportunity for direct customer contact through coupon distribution, sampling and other promotional tactics," notes Stephen Freitas, spokesperson for the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA).

Honolulu pedicabs can offer businesses flyer and product sample distribution. Of course our riders are happy to act as brand ambassadors and wear your brand on t-shirts, hats and any other items as well as offer verbal reinforcement. For example, if a rider asks a person if they want a ride and they say no, the next question could be "how about an X drink instead?"

In Honolulu, the pedicab fleet of 3 pedicabs are ready to help you launch your next promotion in a fun and environmentally friendly manner. The resulting enjoyment for the passengers and good will for your company from pedicab advertising and marketing are just bonuses.

Our competitive rates vary, depending on the frequency and duration you want the ads to appear. We offer year round deals and rates for special events and one-off promotions.

Honolulu Pedicabs advertising is unusual, flashy and emotional advertising.

It seems difficult to compare Honolulu Pedicabs advertising with any other outdoor advertising medium -- it is more mobile than a billboard, more friendly than any bus and generates more awareness than a 'typical' cab.

Then there is the driver, who not only wears a branded outfit, but informs passengers about the advertised product or brand, promoting your business or special event, while literally bringing customers to your business.

We offer a fast, effective, personal service -- a very special benefit for the passengers, and one that generates more than emotional added value for you. When all else stops, we continue to safely transport passengers to their destinations, and your business.

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